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Making - No 5. Color

Making - No 5. Color

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No. 5 / COLOR, the Spring issue, includes knit designs by Carrie Bostick Hoge, Susan B. Anderson, Amy Christoffers, Anna Maltz, Rosemary (Romi) Hill, Isabell Kraemer, Joji Locatelli, Dianna Walla, Whitney Hayward, and Lori Versace.

Other contributions from Kristine Vejar, Anna Graham, Anna Maria Horner, Sanae Ishida, Tif Fussell, Jessica Lewis Stevens, Cal Patch, Meghan Ivy Griffiths, Herron Studio, Melissa Wastney, Elizabeth Miller, Samantha Lamb, Felicia Semple, Char White, Stephanie Pilk, Diane Toepher, Abigail Gray Swartz, and Bristol Ivy.

Comment: This edition is packed with sewing, darning, knitting, dyeing, crafts and making projects, not to mention that the photos are really inspiring!

Making magazine is a bi-annual magazine bringing together seasonal projects to make and to inspire.