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Chiaogoo Red Lace Mini Set - (1.5mm - 2.50mm)

Chiaogoo Red Lace Mini Set - (1.5mm - 2.50mm)

70 GBP
- Five sets of 5" (10cm Shorter tips) or (13cm Normal long tips) surgical grade stainless steel lace tips in the following sizes
1.5mm, 1.75mm. 2.00mm, 2.25mm, 2.50mm
- Red, flexible, multi-strand nylon coated, memory free steel cables with lifeline holes in the following lengths
35cm - 55cm - 75cm
- Tool kit ( includes 2 cable connectors, 2 end stoppers, 2 tightening keys, 6 stitch markers, and a heart shape rubber gripper)
- Stylish black mesh pouch with two zippered pockets to hold everything
- Tip sleeve with five labeled pockets
-Smooth transitions and secure connections

Comment: These are so neat and perfect for knitters who love to work with tiny needles!